Pipe Organ Restoration
Hammercreek Studio is an organization of visually orientated artisans skilled in the decorations of pipe organs. Our satisfied list of clients vary from historic churches and tracker restoration specialists to private residences and contemporary organ builders. We take great pride in our approach to the decoration and conservation of these unique instruments. Research of the history of the original builder and installation location, visual investigation of previous ornamentation, and identification of original colors are the keys to recreating the past.

After exhaustive experimentation of techniques and materials, we have selected several formulas pertinent to individual decorative styles. Our astute attention to detail requires complete surface cleaning and meticulous repair of wood and metal pipes. State of the art material applications combined with century old visual techniques produce an opulent illumination of facade and display pipes. We shade and stipple, paint and gold leaf, stripe and stencil to compliment your instrument and environment.

Essentially, we decorate the future and breathe life into the work of artisans past.

Additional services:

  • portfolio interview
  • consultation, proposals and faux finishes
  • written estimates are available for a nominal fee based on degree of difficulty and complexity of project.

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