Faux finishes and Surface Treatments
Whether we are putting the final touches on a restoration project or applying distressed finishes to piece of furniture or archetictural detail, we are drawing from a wealth of both modern and classic finishing techniques. From today's urethanes and epoxies to layered applications of stippling, graining and marbling, we are constantly ahead of typical surface decoration.
This is an abbreviated list of surface treatments.
Click on the links to see samples and descriptions.
  • Stippling, wallglazing and parchment
  • Paint techniques including wrinkled, crackled and colorwashing
  • Cloudscapes and sky techniques
  • Silk screen and stenciling
  • Faux graining and marbleizing
  • Decorative borders and cartouches
  • Epoxy, urethane and enamel finishes
  • Anodized and parkerized metals
    Stenciled floorcloths
  • Also Signage:

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